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Professor Anne Holland - ARCH Chair at Alfred Health

Research Themes

Our location at Alfred Health provides valuable opportunities to understand important challenges for our health service, develop innovative solutions and test these in a real-world clinical setting.

We aim to generate high quality evidence to guide clinical practice and have a strong focus on conducting multi-site clinical trials of treatments that are critical to nursing and allied health practice.

Our research strengths include:

  1. Supportive Care for Chronic Lung Disease: Professor Anne Holland leads a research program that aims to optimise health and wellbeing for people with respiratory disease, with a focus on new models for pulmonary rehabilitation.
  2. Neurological Rehabilitation: Associate Professor Natasha Lannin’s research program is focused on neurological rehabilitation as a means to improve quality of life.
  3. Implementation Science – developing and testing innovative methods to increase uptake of best evidence into clinical care, with a particular focus on neurological and respiratory conditions


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program