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Professor Anne Holland - ARCH Chair at Alfred Health

Knowledge Translation Research:
Improving outcomes following rehabilitation for stroke and brain injury

A/Professor Natasha Lannin leads a program of research for La Trobe University embedded within Alfred Health, focused on closing the gaps between the guidelines and clinical practice. One such example is her work with the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR), which currently supports acute hospitals across Australia to improve clinical care and adhere to the NHMRC stroke guidelines using live auditing and data collection.  As the current Chair (Management Committee) and a Chief Investigator of AuSCR, Natasha led a key piece of research nationally investigating the acute treatment and outcomes of working aged adults with stroke. Identifying that younger stroke patients exhibited distinct differences from their older counterparts with respect to clinical characteristics, prescription of antihypertensive medications and residual health status, findings are currently being used to drive forwards new stroke services for younger Australians.

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