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The Allied Health Clinical Research Office

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Our Collaborators

The Allied Health Clinical Research Office is a key strategic partnership between La Trobe University at Eastern Health. The Office also has a variety of other partners and collaborators.

  1. The Eastern Health Foundation provides direct funding for projects related to Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes.
  2. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is an industry partner and has contributed to funding the STAT project, reducing ambulatory waiting time.
  3. Monash University shares with Eastern Health the appointment of Dr Judi Porter, and is therefore an important partner in malnutrition and dietetics research.
  4. Deakin University has partnered with Eastern Health with provision of health economics expertise through collaboration with Associate Professor Jenny Watts in several major projects, including the STAT and Weekend Allied Health Services projects.

Collaborators include

  1. Professor Sandy Leggat, Health Services Management, La Trobe University
  2. Professor Nora Shields, Allied Health, La Trobe University
  3. Professor Bridie Kent, Interim Executive Dean, Health & Human Services, Plymouth University
  4. Professor Peteris Darzins, Monash University and Executive Clinical Director Aged Medicine, Eastern Health
  5. Associate Professor Raphael Hau, Clinical Director of Orthopaedic Surgery, Eastern Health
  6. Dr Casey Peiris, Eastern Academic and Research Network Coordinator, La Trobe University
  7. Professor Julie Considine, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research Deakin University - Eastern Health Partnership
  8. Dr Tash Brusco, Research Fellow, Health Economics (Health Service Research) Cabrini Associate
  9. Professor Jenny Watts, Health Economics, Deakin University Ms Michelle Kotis, Manager, Office of the Director, Department of Health and Human Services
  10. Dr Paul O’Halloran, Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University
  11. Dr Chantal Camden, Assistant Professor, Sherbrooke University, Canada
  12. Dr Kadija Perrault, Assistant Professor, Laval University, Canada