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Northern Centre for Health Education and Research
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The Northern Centre for Health Education and Research is a collaboration between Northern Health, La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne. The NCHER mission is to foster interprofessional learning and to advance collaborative, translational research focussed on outcomes for the northern community. The La Trobe Northern Clinical School provides undergraduate and postgraduate education for nursing and allied health.

Research Themes

Nursing research at the Northern is mainly focused on women’s and children’s health, and educational preparation of the future workforce. 
  1. Acute nursing practice
  2. Building Health Communities
  3. Children's health
  4. Education of health workforce
  5. Evidence based practice


Current studies include:
  1. The FABRIC-Paed Study (Follow-up After Bereavement in Intensive Care – Paediatric) 
  2. Students’ attitudes towards, knowledge of and skills in evidence-based practice. 
  3. Interprofessional Passport Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial. 
  4. Renal optifast project. 
  5. Sex ratios at birth among infants of women born in different countries
  6. The cross-country ultrasound study - CROCUS:  Midwives’ and obstetricians’   experiences and views on the use of ultrasound and maternal/fetal roles and rights. 
  7. Rural adolescent males on sexuality, unintended pregnancy and pregnancy prevention. Co-worker. La Trobe University.
  8. Exploring the practices of skin-to-skin contact immediately after normal birth with healthy full-term newborn infants in Saudi Arabia.